Mockumentary Features Physics-Defying Amusement Park Rides [Video]

Mockumentary Features Physics-Defying Amusement Park Rides [Video]
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The award-winning ‘The Centrifuge Brain Project’ by Till Nowak uses amazing special effects to show off the impossible rides.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 february 2013

German filmmaker Till Nowak’s short mockumentary about experiments with bizarre amusement rides features the fictitious Dr. Nick Laslowicz and his Institute for Centrifugal Research. ‘The Centrifuge Brain Project‘ examines the institute’s research into physics-defying rides that supposedly improve people’s cognitive function.

The short film uses stunning special effects to show off the impossible amusement rides, which amaze in terms of creativity and design. These include the “Spherothon,” which rotates to lift the seated people until they are floating upside down, and the “Wedding Cake”, which features four spinning platforms set on top of each other.

Mockumentary Examines Bizarre Amusement Rides That Defy The Laws Of Physics [Video]

There is also a 14-hour ride called “High Altitude Conveyance” and an interactive ride called “The Expander” that has cabins equipped with a button so people can control when they extend outwards.

The short film has won twenty five awards after travelling to film festivals around the world for over a year and has now been released online. You can check it out below:

The Centrifuge Brain Project

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