Online Service Digitizes Snail Mail Into An Electronic Inbox

Online Service Digitizes Snail Mail Into An Electronic Inbox

Outbox offers to collect letters from your mailbox every three days, scan and store them online where users can view them.

Emma Hutchings
  • 26 february 2013

Instead of a mailbox, online service Outbox would like to give your physical mail an electronic inbox. If you create an account with them for $4.99 a month and send them a picture of your mailbox key, the service will pick your mail up three days a week. It is then taken to their secure warehouse, where it is opened, scanned, and stored. If you have a package in your mailbox, they will deliver it to your door or front desk the same day.

You can access your postal mail at any time from an electronic inbox on your iPad or the web. You can click “request” on any piece of mail to have it delivered in a package twice a week.

Online Service Digitizes Postal Mail In An Electronic Inbox

The service looks to reduce physical storing and filing of mail as well as cut down on the amount of junk mail received. Outbox shreds and recycles any unrequested mail after 30 days, and you can click “unsubscribe from Sender” on any items you consider to be junk mail so it will never be printed and mailed again.

Outbox provides access to your important mail from anywhere and the digital files stay available forever, so you won’t need to dig through large stacks of paper. You can also add your bills and other mail to a to-do list and receive reminders so you don’t miss their due date. Watch the video below to find out more:



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