Pop-Up Museum Displays Original Apple Hardware

Pop-Up Museum Displays Original Apple Hardware

Old Apple technology will be on show to the public for a limited time only at Roswell, Georgia, as part of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast.

Betsy Mead
  • 26 february 2013

The name ‘Apple’ is so synonymous with hot new products that it can seem impossible to believe that, on inception, the company was just a small experiment, featuring a few dudes tinkering with tech in their spare time. A new temporary show, part of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast, will run Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21.

Those in the area will have a chance to examine unique motherboards, decade-old ancestors of the MacBoook Pro and other hardware, and pine for discontinued items like the colorful clam-like iBook, famously featured in the hit 2001 film Legally Blonde. There will also be an Apple I computer, whose estimated worth is $500,000

The exhibit, curated and conceived by David Greelish of the Atlanta Historical Computing Society, is composed of several artifacts from avid collector Lonnie Mimms, who has had a lengthy fascination with personal computers. Greelish, who has attempted to stage this show before, said that this was the first time he has actually been able to do so, because Apple did not seem interested in a retrospective, and is not involved with the planned exposition. He said to Mashable,

I’ve written to Apple a few times trying to convince them to build a gallery of their story in the visitor’s center of the new Apple Campus 2. The building itself is going to draw visitors, so this would be smart for them to highlight the history. But Apple’s famous attitude is that they never look back.

For a sneak peek, have a look at the gallery below.

Apple Pop Up Museum

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