Why the deodorant brand's update to the iconic cinematic trope in this year's game day ad was a huge success.

Sure the pressure to create an out of this world ad for the SuperBowl is astronomical but in my view, AXE’s Lifeguard spot responds swimmingly. In fact, I will argue that it soars above the others, delivering more appeal per second that also extends well beyond the initial viewing.  Break the spot down into stages and you’ll see why it’s so high on my list.

Stage 1: Melodrama Nothing beats a damsel in distress to grab your attention, which is why it’s been a cinematic staple since the first Perils of Pauline serial hit the screen 99 years ago. In this case, our heroine is swimming just off shore, screaming for help as a murderously large shark approaches. Fortunately, a handsome hero, in this case an attentive lifeguard, is eager to save the day.

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