Stadium App Lets Fans Order Food And Get On-Court Close Ups

Stadium App Lets Fans Order Food And Get On-Court Close Ups

StadiumVision Mobile technology in use at the Barclay's center in Brooklyn, NY is a first of its kind the brings live replays and stats to life.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 22 february 2013

There’s nothing like the atmosphere at a live sporting event. The crowds, the players being within shouting distance, and the nachos are truly an ‘experience.’ (Making nachos at home doesn’t even come close).

But in some ways it has become a better viewing experience to watch the big game in the comfort of your own home. With better televisions and more advanced technology, providing instant replay and better angles, the in-home entertainment center has overtaken the rigid stadium seating and drunken, shirtless strangers.

And that’s just wrong; everyone needs to see that amped up fan in full body paint. So, one of the most technologically impressive arenas, the Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, has come to the rescue.

Earlier this week, the home of the Brooklyn Nets released the Barclays Center app in an attempt to merge the best of the stadium experience with the technological benefits of watching the game from home.

The Barclays Center app, which is iOS and Android compatible, is a new event app that allows spectators to interact with live in-game footage and other arena features. The app, which connects through the arena’s public Wi-Fi and is powered by Cisco’s StadiumVision Mobile technology, provides fans the ability to access live, in-game video, the official television feed, a 30-second rewind feature for replays, and up to four different cameras – mixing TV angles and GoPros mounted around the arena.


Incredibly, the app also lets users order food from their seat, send messages for display on the scoreboard, check-in, and interact with other users. The StadiumVision Mobile technology provides a nearly seamless stream of action to your phone at only a two second delay. It does this by using a ‘multicast’ connection, which keeps the stream from being overloaded and slowing down by splitting the feed and then delivering it individual to each fan. This is great if you want to watch a replay, and is certainly no worse than if you were listening to the broadcast on a handheld radio – as some fans still do.

Now, even if you are waiting in line for beer, food, to use the restroom, or are otherwise distracted, fans can get a front-row view of the action. For fans in the nosebleeds, they can get a little taste of what the high-rollers experience in the floor seats. And for fans that enjoy stats, replays, and different camera angles, they can enjoy the best of both worlds right from their hard, plastic stadium seating.

YinzCam, an interactive in-game technology company, has previously developed mobile offerings that are similar to those offered by the new Barclays app, but none that have gone as far as this newest iteration, or that have employed the high performance technology of a multicast.

The app is designed to also be used for other events at the venue, such as concerts, providing a greater variety of sights and sounds.

Would you go to more games if you could have a live stream and instant replay in the palm of your hand?

Barclays Center app


StadiumVision Mobile

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