Beck Concert Creates A 360 Degree Live Sound Experience

Beck Concert Creates A 360 Degree Live Sound Experience

'Hello, Again' is an immersive online experience that replicates what it’s like to see and hear a performance on stage from every angle.

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 february 2013

An online experience replicates what it’s like to see a music performance from every angle. ‘Hello, Again‘ has been released by Beck and director Chris Milk, with the help of car maker Lincoln. It provides an immersive way to view and listen to the musician’s reimagining of David Bowie’s classic Sound and Vision.

The digital experience was created by capturing the concert with 360° binaural microphones, so online viewers can witness the show from any seat. Users control what’s on screen with a webcam, which monitors where they are looking to adapt the experience.

Beck Recreates David Bowie’s ‘Sound And Vision’ As 360 Degree Experience

The experience also allows viewers to click through a variety of lenses to view the show, as well as experience three distinct and different sound origins: an outer microphone that captures the 160+ musicians up close, an inner microphone that represents what the studio audience hears, and a central microphone that lets them hear what Beck hears. Chris Milk told Wired:

The thing that’s always struck me is how different the sensory, especially auditory, experience is when you’re in the middle of the music with the musicians playing off each other, versus when you’re in the audience and have a wall of amplified sound coming at you from one direction. I wanted to recreate that perspective on a large scale so hundreds of people in a room, and eventually many more online, could get immersed in a phonic environment that they’d never normally have access to… I wanted the online experience to mirror the way we look and listen and feel when we’re surrounded by such dynamic stimulus.

Hello, Again

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