PSFK Picks: Top Mobile Accessories For Creative Professionals

PSFK Picks: Top Mobile Accessories For Creative Professionals

Discover 10 companies that are meeting the emerging needs of stylish, on-the-go workers.

Plus Aziz
  • 17 february 2013

As the fashion industry struggles to catch up with technology, numerous smaller companies have emerged to cover the accessory needs of wide ranging groups of people. One of their primary customers tend to be creative professionals.

You might have noticed that events like CES and Fashion Week is always flooded with mobile accessories. Attendees carry everything from blinged out cellphone cases and solar chargers to rugged, handmade iPad cases. In today’s blogger culture, where updates need to go up in real-time as the shows are happening, young creatives have to carry multiple devices with them at all times. And they need to look stylish while doing it. With so many accessories to choose from, we curated some of the great companies working in this space.


TM1985 leather

TM1985, founded by Tielor McBride, is focused on providing handmade leather products. Their accessories are guaranteed to age well. Their canvas wallets are very durable and finely textured; wallets come in a variety of canvas treatments – waxed, rubberized, oiled. These treatments help to extend the life of the fabric and the oil treatment makes them water resistant. According to the Etsy page, other materials they use include brushed linen, waxed cotton, raw wool, and tarnished copper.

Their holster came across as a particularly interesting idea. It’s available in black and brown and we’d love to see new interpretations of this particular accessory. In addition to this, they offer a wide range of bags. Another signature design is their ‘Pony Clutch’ purse designs which integrate large copper safety pins that were previously used for activities like laundry or as horse blanket pins to keep under a saddle.

We plan to drop by their workshop to get a closer look at how their bags and other accessories are made. In the meantime, check out their products here.


freehands freefingers

Freehands is a venture of Josh Rubin (founder of Cool Hunting) and his father, Stanley Rubin. Together they run Free Hands, a gloves company dedicated to serving customers on the move. Their touchscreen-friendly gloves feature a unique fold-back index finger and some designs have conductive tips.

While many companies today offer touchscreen gloves, Rubin recognized the opportunity as early as 2007. If you’re in the market for gloves, we recommend you check out their power stretch gloves and multi-color wool knits collections



For more Euro-centric designs, MUJJO is an accessories brand we recommend. Having interviewed them, we appreciate how their brand is a reflection of their personal tastes and cultural backdrop. They work primarily with high quality wool felt, fine leather, and environmentally friendly dyes. They make sleeves for numerous Apple products, the Samsung Galaxy phone and touchscreen gloves. Their design is consistenly elegant and simple, drawing inspiration from the traditions of Dutch design.

Valentine Goods

valentine goods iphone leather

Valentine Goods provide leather accessories that are ‘layered on’ to Apple products. The brand embraces variations in coloration, leather hide patterns, and natural patterns like grain variations, stretch marks…etc.

Given this product strategy, Valentine Goods can easily be complimented by other accessories and they also make leather layers for products like Apple TV and the iMac.


Baggu retail store

If you’re looking for colorful and vibrant accessories, we suggest you take a look at Baggu. Founded by a mother-daughter duo in 2007, their core products are reusable ecobags that reflect an evolution of the grocery store plastic bag. Since then, they have extended their product line to include pouches, canvas laptop cases, spacious zipper bags, leather goods, and they’ve also built collaborative relationships with Mer Bags and Fredricks and Mae.

If you live in NYC, check out their store on 242 Wythe Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn or just visit their main website.


luxe plates

Luxe Plates is where luxury meets customization. Users open an account to custom etch images for their mobile accessories; the company uses a photochemical process to etch out the art. The slick custom plates stick to the device using a removable adhesive and it gives the phone a nice shine. Users can start by choosing from materials (stainless steel, brushed stainless, and black enamel), selecting an image to etch, and placing the order.

Another unique item available through Luxe Plates is Blöct, a wooden tablet stand designed to be placed anywhere from the kitchen to the board room. The accessory is technically defined as a ‘plinth’ and the sturdy piece of wood is formed to accomodate for a tablet to be placed in 3 positions. Check out their entire collection here.



Uncommon is in a position to be one of the fastest adapting mobile accessories company. Their customization interface is flexible and the quality of their work is so ideal that you can find their products in Apple stores’ accessories section.

They’re manufacturing strategy is built to accomodate the speedy pace of the mobile industry. They are a go-to product/service for users who replace their phones often or are accustomed to personalizing their gadgets. Users can navigate through Uncommon’s Ready Made offerings and/or upload and crop an image on a phone case. It’s actually worth doing an entire post on the designers they feature. To check out their interface, you can sign up here

foto.sosho from


To further enhance the capabilities of your iPhone, consider’s foto.sosho. In a previous post, we reported that the attachment boosts the mexapixel power of the iPhone from 8 megapixels to 14 megapixels. In addition to getting a better flash, the device provides photo filters, basic image editing software, and instant social media uploading capabilities.

The accessory can be customized with straps, headphones, and a carrying case. It’s a great accessory for users that wouldn’t mind adding some weight in order to enhance their iPhone.



Another enhancement accessory, Gunnar is a brand most closely associated with computer eyewear and digital wellness. While it’s a popular brand with hardcore gamers, their lightweight glasses are great for anyone who’s accustomed to being exposed to screens for long hours.

Their lens technology has tints and coatings to reduce and prevent “digital eye strain.” Their primary channels for sales are online and Best Buy.


everpurse charger

Everpurse is a charging mat that can be placed in your bag to charge mobile devices. The company sells purses and clutches, but customers can also install Everpurse’s technology in their own bags. The charging mat is able to re-charge a user’s phone twice in a single day. Pre-order their products here.

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