Bike Helmet With Cameras Captures Hit and Runs [Video]

Bike Helmet With Cameras Captures Hit and Runs [Video]

The 'Helmet of Justice' acts like an airplane's 'black box' for vulnerable cyclists on the road.

Daniela Walker
  • 28 february 2013

When John Poindexter was hit by a car while cycling along the road, he had no idea how the accident occured. One moment he was riding along, the next he awoke, bloodied, in the back of an ambulance and the driver had left the scene. Unfortunately, this is a typical scenario for cyclists who share the roads with larger, more powerful cars. Lucky for us, Poindexter works at Chaotic Moon, a mobile media studio, where the Research and Development department took it upon themselves to solve this problem, creating the ‘Helmet of Justice.’

The bike helmet has 7 cameras that captures a 360 degree view around the wearer’s head. It turns on upon impact, which is sensed through an accelerometer, and then records for up to two hours afterwards. Like the black box in an airplane, this helmet provides more information to piece together the accident. Even if the cyclist is knocked out, there is still a record of the incident, so such information such as the license plate, color and style of car can be gleaned without having to rely on witness reports and it becomes easier to track down the driver of a hit and run.

The R&D team created the helmet in a week and are currently in talks about licensing it to sporting goods companies. At just $300 it would provide a sense of security for cyclists, a deterrent for motorists and justice for all.

See it explained below:

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