Designer Sells Ready-Made Brand That Just Needs A Product [Pics]

Designer Sells Ready-Made Brand That Just Needs A Product [Pics]

'Hessian' has been designed by Ben Pieratt and for $18,000 he provides logos, URL, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, branding book, and more.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 february 2013

Hessian‘ is a brand, but only in name, as there is no product yet. Designer Ben Pieratt developed the experimental idea, which is very different from traditional methods of marketing. He writes:

It seems to me that in today’s connected environment, there’s no reason designers shouldn’t be able to create designed product packages, and then sell them to entrepreneurs. This is the thinking that brought me to Hessian. The only difference being that Hessian is lacking an actual product concept.

A Ready-Made Brand Without A Product [Pics]

Pieratt is offering to sell Hessian, which could be used for a restaurant, startup, clothing brand, or something completely different, for $18,000. The price tag includes the visual identity for the product, with the name, URL, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, logos, t-shirt designs, repeating patterns, website theme, app user interface theme, and app icons.

It also includes a brand book with guiding principles and 30 hours of free design work to fully customize the identity to the buyer’s needs. Click through to see images Pieratt has designed for the Hessian brand:


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