Burberry Embeds Scannable Tags Into Clothes To Make Them Interactive [Video]


The high-end fashion house implements digital content right inside its latest collection.

Yi Chen
  • 19 february 2013

The 150-year-old luxury fashion brand hopes to lure customers to its new season of fashion items and accessories through digital interaction. The Burberry coats and bags will be embedded with digital tags that can be scanned via a mobile device or by a high-tech mirror in the Burberry flagship store.

Once these tags are scanned, they trigger a short film on your device that show how the item is carefully made by hand. If you’re in Burberry’s flagship store in London’s Regent Street, the mirrors on the walls turn into screens that are able play the digital content, triggered by the clothes shoppers are trying on. The tags work similarly to RFID chips, but are actually a special new technology developed by Burberry.

The digital feature is part of the Made To Order campaign with Smart Personalization. Customers are able to order products straight from the runway, and have them delivered in nine weeks with personalized engraved nameplates.


Watch the video below to see how Smart Personalization works:


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