Billboard Repurposed Into Eco-Friendly Rain Catcher

Billboard Repurposed Into Eco-Friendly Rain Catcher

Burt's Bees recycled an old outdoor ad into a rain catchment system after it's advertising purpose had been fulfilled.

Daniela Walker
  • 27 february 2013

Last year, natural beauty company Burt’s Bees created a billboard that is the gift that keeps on giving. Originally it was placed in Minneapolis as an interactive billboard with thousands of tear-off product coupons to promote a new line of hydration cream. Now, it has been gifted to the urban gardening students at Durham School of the Arts in North Carolina as rain catching system.

The billboard was repurposed so that it now captures more than 6300 gallons of rain water to be reused each year in the community garden. This is part of the company’s trademarked commitment to the greater good which they define as the ‘highest ethical choice to maximize our overall well-being.’

This is an example of a company being know for it’s natural and ethical stance, and then seeing the actual follow-through. They used the ad once to promote their cream, and then recycled the physical advertisement to promote their ideology. It is a clever and thoughtful way to use advertising beyond the product.

See the how the billboard was repurposed in the video below:

Burt’s Bees

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