The game's new token confirms the web's collective love of felines.

This article titled “First the internet, now Monopoly – cats have got our attention” was written by Tom Cox, for on Thursday 7th February 2013 12.20 UTC

I haven't played Monopoly for several years, but I do remember this: I never wanted to be the iron. You wouldn't really want to be the thimble, either, but at least the thimble has a bit more of a sense of cheekiness and fun about it than the iron. Being the iron was one of the major boardgame “don't”s of my childhood, right up there with landing on a pink Games and Hobbies square in my very out-of-date Young Players Edition of Trivial Pursuit, which seemed to solely feature questions about characters from 1970s issues of Bunty magazine. Everyone wanted to be the dog, or the car. There were a few other people who said they wanted to be the top hat, but they were usually either being polite, or just trying too hard to be alternative.

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