NY Visitors Can Party Inside Their Own Snow Globe

NY Visitors Can Party Inside Their Own Snow Globe

Citibank Snow Globe in Bryant Park lets visitors create their own memories to be shared on social media.

Daniela Walker
  • 19 february 2013

There are certain souvenirs that scream the Big Apple: an I Heart NY t-shirt, a Zabars coffee mug and a little snow globe of the skyline. These gifts are lovely but kind of expected. Instead of doing something typical, this winter Citibank is inviting tourists and locals alike to create their own souvenir snow globe, with them inside of it.

The life-sized snow globe is located at CitiPond in Bryant Park the city’s only free ice-skating rink. While you cannot take the snow globe home, you can create a virtual souvenir, entering into the snow globe and dancing all about while 16 cameras record your movements. The cameras are set up in an arc, shooting photos and videos simultaneously to create a composite stop-motion video. The snow of the snow globe is added digitally afterwards. An email is then sent to the participants with the link to the video so that they can share their ‘frozen moment’ on social media.

The snow globe was executed by creative agency, Publicis Kaplan Thaler and is a unique way to engage both the wide-eyed tourist and the world-weary local in a bit of wintertime fun. RehabStudio created the custom software for the globe, enabling the 16 cameras to fire at the same time. The snow globe will be open until March 3rd, when hopefully, the thaw will begin.

Check out a frozen moment below:


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