Classic Novels Get A Pulp Fiction Makeover [Pics]

Classic Novels Get A Pulp Fiction Makeover [Pics]

PULP! THE CLASSICS redesigns well-known titles like The Great Gatsby and Pride & Prejudice.

Yi Chen
  • 19 february 2013

PULP! THE CLASSICS is a new imprint that redesigns original book covers from classic novels into pulp fiction style. The titles are all accompanied by literal puns, for example Pride and Prejudice is, “Lock up your daughters… Darcy’s in Town!” The Great Gatsby is, “When it came to loving… He knew which Daisy to pick!” And for Wuthering Heights, it’s simply, “Here’s Looking at You Cathy…”


The term pulp fiction originated from old magazines to define escapist fictions that were printed on cheap “pulp” paper, often genres like crime and mystery, sci-fi, and thrillers. PULP! THE CLASSICS has imitated pulp fiction covers with bold colors, and faux-tattered paper.


There have been many redesigns on classic covers, such as how David Pearson reworks the covers to reveal the theme of the novel, or when Penguin classic covers are reimagined by tattoo artists.

PULP! THE CLASSICS also gives inspiring copywriters the opportunity to come up with their own witty tagline for the classic titles and see what it looks like via its Tagline Game. Take a look at some of the covers in the gallery below.


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