Collaborative spaces have spawned labs for initial ideas to be tested and to further inform innovation.

The idea of collaborative creation has been steadily growing as a model for the modern workplace. For example, Since 2008 over 75,000 projects have been launched on Kickstarter representing about $400 million—roughly $5,250 per project. Of these, almost 32,000 have been fully funded and the dollars growth is impressive: For example, the “Games” category raised almost $50,000 in 2008 and this year has already raised over $50 million.

In our new Future of Work report, PSFK labs discovered that organizations of all sizes are looking to emulate the speed, agility and collaborative nature of nimble startups and are applying resources towards creating environments that enable rapid co-creation between people with a wide array of skills sets. Sometimes this manifests as a co-creation space that has lightning fast multi-media communications systems and other times it manifests as a workshop that has rapid-prototyping machines like 3D printers, placing the right tools in the hands of workers and helping them realize more of their ideas.

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