Coca-Cola ATM Dispenses Free Cash For People Willing To Share [Video]

Coca-Cola ATM Dispenses Free Cash For People Willing To Share [Video]

The ‘happiness’ machines in Spain gave out 100 euros to random recipients, encouraging them to pass it on to others.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 february 2013

Coca-Cola created an ATM machine in Spain that dispensed 100 free euros without people having to insert their card. ‘El Cajero de la felicidad’ (‘The ATM of Happiness’) dispensed the free cash to those who interacted with it, with the sole condition that they share their good fortune with others.

Coca-Cola ATM Dispenses Free Cash If User Agrees To Share It [Video]

The Happiness ATM was part of the company’s ongoing ‘Share Happiness’ campaign; participants who agreed to share were given ideas on how to share it through the ATM interface- instead of options to withdraw or deposit money, the participants saw sharing options. Coca-Cola states that they don’t know what everyone did with the money, but the experiences people shared with the company show that the participants took the challenge to heart.

Someone bought basketballs and gave them to local kids, another person bought food and shared it with passersby. A child found a surprise present waiting outside their door, an elderly couple were given two free tickets, and a lady received a surprise visit from a group of musicians.

You can check out the ATM of Happiness in the video below:


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