Current Events Infiltrate Video Game To Bring Action To Life

Current Events Infiltrate Video Game To Bring Action To Life

British company aims to make gameplay more relevant with the addition of real-life news elements.

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 february 2013

Instead of watching or reading about the news, gamers might soon be able to play through real-life events. British company believes that gameplay could be made more relevant by injecting news elements into games in real-time.

Gizmodo reports that it has developed a mobile-game programming system that enables 3D depictions of news events to be added into the action. This could provide designers and coders with a new source of revenue, as “news injection” rights could be sold to newspapers and TV stations.

Video Games Could Become More Realistic With The Addition Of Current News Events

The HTML5 games creator allows users to import 3D animations during gameplay and could enable them to feature a big story surrounding a celebrity or a major event like the Russian meteor explosion.’s founders hope to generate interest from news agencies when the Mobile World Congress takes place in Spain later this month.

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