Gabriel & Paul Woolmington: Doritos Crash The Super Bowl [Super Bowl 2013]

Gabriel & Paul Woolmington: Doritos Crash The Super Bowl [Super Bowl 2013]

A father and 10-year-old son team assess the relative merits of the competing Doritos Super Bowl adverts.

Paul Woolmington
  • 10 february 2013

My name is Gabriel Woolmington and my father is Paul Woolmington.

I am 10 years old and I have reviewed the finalists in Doritos’ ‘Crash The Super Bowl’ competition. The contest, which has run since 2006, is an example of democracy in advertising: members of the public create submissions and then choose their favorites, and the two most popular will air during the event. Here are my thoughts on this year’s top picks:

Of the 5 finalists, my favorite was ‘Fetch.’

This made me laugh, but despite being funny and naughty, did not make the final selection.

The two that made the cut were ‘Goat 4 Sale’ and ‘Fashionista Daddy.’ They were both great and I think many more Doritos will be sold as a result. I am a big fan–along with the 4+million others who liked their special Facebook viewing page.

My family’s favorite  was ‘Goat 4 Sale.’ In this advert, a goat eats all the Doritos causing its owner to exhibit similar, but more exaggerated, behavior. He then suffers the ultimate consequence when he finds that his owner has consumed all the Doritos and reacts with a terrified scream. My Dad said it was “very Alfred Hitchcock” — a simple yet very memorable homage to all those old horror films, as it’s definitely this exclamation that makes the ad.

‘Fashionista Daddy’ highlights the addictive power of Doritos, turning grown men into little kids who goof around and even wear women’s clothing. A choice line from the mother — “Is that my wedding dress?” — is a hilarious way to end the commercial. Well done Ben Callner and Mark Freiburger: you managed to be rookie MVP’s at the 2013 Super Bowl!


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