Experience What It’s Like To Escape From North Korea [Video]

Experience What It’s Like To Escape From North Korea [Video]

Interactive website promotes an upcoming documentary and lets viewers take the oft-travelled journey to flee the oppressive regime.

Yi Chen
  • 22 february 2013

To promote the film ‘The Defector: Escape from North Korea,’ Fathom Film Group collaborated with Jam3 to create an interactive web-based documentary that allows visitors to experience what it’s like to escape from North Korea.

Due to its rogue regime that tolerates no dissent, hundreds of people each year try to flee North Korea in search of better living conditions and more humane treatments from the government. The interactive website aims to educate the public through a mini-story and “game.”

The site features a female protagonist, who is actually a composite based on true accounts from various North Korean defectors. The content of the site includes actual images and video footage filmed from within North Korea, and also interviews and sketches from former prisoners and civilians.


Users can explore various locations of North Korea, including the prison, the jungle, and the city of Pyongyang. Anne Shin, director of the film, explained why it was necessary to accompany the film with an interactive website:

You can only do so much in film, but in an interactive web doc, you place the user in the point of view of a defector–they see, hear, and experience what a defector goes through. It’s an incredibly powerful way of letting people understand experiences that are completely out of their realm.

Watch the trailer of the film below:

Defector (please note that this site contains graphic images).

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