Expedia Create Travel Albums Using Instagram & Facebook Photos [Video]

Expedia Create Travel Albums Using Instagram & Facebook Photos [Video]

App transforms travelers' journeys into personal stories for sharing on social networks.

Daniela Walker
  • 11 february 2013

Carrying on from their incredibly successful campaign, Find Yours, that began airing last fall, Expedia has introduced a Facebook app that allows users to create their own story and share the moments they find on their travels.

The Find Yours series features inspirational, emotional, real-life stories that show that every trip is unique and is imbued with personal experiences. These are stories not just about traveling, but about journeys and the discoveries made along the way. ‘Find Your Understanding‘ follows a father’s trip to his daughter’s same-sex wedding as well as his emotional trip to accepting her life decisions. Now Expedia are telling you to ‘Find Your Story’ and share it on Facebook.

Created by agency 180LA (who created the original campaign) and digital shop Unit9, the app allows people to choose photos from Facebook and Instagram to create a personal slideshow about their travels. John Morrey, vice president and general manager of the travel site explains:

The Expedia ‘Find Your Story’ app reimagines how you share your vacation photos by helping travelers take a series of standalone pictures and transform them into a narrative, a moving video of the experience.

The app prompts the user with questions such as where the journey began, where it ended and what they found along the way. You can use Google Maps to show the journey, then add music and filters to create a short film that can be shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Says Gavin Milner, creative director at 180LA:

The Find Yours campaign celebrates the true power of travel. There are as many different trips as there are travelers, and each transforms us on some level. We told that story with our anthem spot, and then the “Find Your Understanding” and “Find Your Strength” films. But we can only tell so many stories ourselves. We really wanted to give everybody the ability to make, and share, their own stories.

Expedia has already found success by sharing others stories, so allowing people to get in on the sharing is a clever move in this digital age when over 250 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook daily.


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