Students Pay Using Their Fingerprints At South Dakota College

Students Pay Using Their Fingerprints At South Dakota College

The School of Mines & Technology is trialing a system that uses biometric readings for purchases at campus shops.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 february 2013

A college in South Dakota is trialing a new system that enables students and staff to use their fingerprint to make purchases at the campus shops. The School of Mines & Technology first requires users to set up an account in person by presenting their identification, bank information, and their index fingers for scanning.

To buy something from the shop, they need to enter their birthday and then place their finger on the scanner. This device encrypts fingerprints, sending the information to a secure system that checks them against the records.

Fingerprints Replace Credit Cards At South Dakota College

The scan is able to detect haemoglobin in the blood, so a pulse needs to be detected for the purchase to be authorized. The system will then send an automatic email receipt to the user detailing what they’ve bought and the cost. Joseph Wright, the school’s associate vice president for research-economic development, told The Telegraph:

What this allows you to do is get rid of your credit card, get rid of your wallet, get rid of the items in your purse that could be used to identify you and make purchases or transactions, and really use your own self, your biometrics, as your authentication.

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