Fitness Tracker Shuts Off Digital Devices If Users Haven’t Exercised

Fitness Tracker Shuts Off Digital Devices If Users Haven’t Exercised

A hack that turns off power to electronics if the user doesn't meet fitness goals.

Yi Chen
  • 8 february 2013

Charalampos from Building Internet of Things has come up with a clever idea to make sure that there’s more at stake when you skip a workout. Charalampos created a clever hack that uses a FitBit tracker and a Belkin WeMo to cut off power to any plugged-in device if the wearer doesn’t reach his/her fitness goal.

The FitBit tracker is able to monitor and log in various activities such as steps taken, amount of sleep,  and calories burned. The hack works by connecting WeMo, an Internet-controlled power outlet, to the FitBit device. When a certain goal isn’t achieved, the power outlet automatically turns off, shutting down connected electronic devices like a gaming console, computer, or even the fridge.


Charalampos explains his motivation for coming up with this system:

There are great platforms for motivating people to keep healthy and exercise more, but obviously in my case I needed something more drastic. At the same time I had been playing with a Belkin Wemo switch and have found a way (using some good online resources) to control it outside the iOS app.

And this is how I came up with the idea of ‘punishing’ myself when I am not active enough by turning off automatically the switch that powers something important. I don’t watch TV, and I thought first of the DSL router but then there would be no connection to the Wemo to turn it back on. So I thought of connecting the fridge to the Wemo switch.

If you’re interested in implementing this hack yourself, Charalampos has provided the script on the blog for anyone to use or improve on.


The hack combines two important trends we saw at CES this year– the connected home and the desire to track and measure every aspect of your life.

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