Fluid Technology – A Future Of Work Trend

Fluid Technology – A Future Of Work Trend

Compact technology continues to proliferate, further aiding workers with the completion of tasks while on-the-go.

Wesley Robison
  • 3 february 2013

The Future Of Work

How technology fits into the workplace is vital to overall productivity. In fact, 2/3 of Millennials say that their mobile device is the most important piece of technology in their lives. It is important to leverage this connection and integrate fluid technology into the workplace.

In our new Future of Work report, PSFK labs discovered that as electronic circuits shrink and processing power multiplies, modular and compact technologies are collapsing the size of computing accessories and helping facilitate the mobility of today’s workers. As a result, stationary workstations are giving way to more dynamic set-ups that support a wider range of technologies, enabling workers to easily plug-in at any desk and quickly get started with their day or take their files with them when they leave the office to remain productive from a remote location. These flexible technologies not only accommodate a wider range of work styles, but also encourage workplaces to rethink the very nature of how the physical office is organized.

Harald Beck of Microsoft Office Labs says:

You don’t want to open up another app or another tool to be able to do a video chat or any other common capabilities that exist outside of our workplaces. It is almost part of your DNA, and integrated into the way you behave, to have these sharing, collaboration, communication powers and capabilities avail- able. In the context of your work they don’t exist. Our tools need to work to meet that demand, regardless of whether we are at work or not

Below we’ve higlighted two examples of the Fluid Technology trend:

Modular Smartphone Could Replace Computer And Tablet

nexphone 1

Mobile Keyboard Projects On Any Surface & Fits On A Keychain

ctx keyboard 1

  • Consumerization of IT electronics has enabled workers to quickly pick up new technologies and find effective workplace tools that suit their abilities and elevate the quality of work.
  • Tools that seamlessly integrate into workers lives enable them to tap into powerful technology on the fly and worry less about learning new skills.

If you’re looking for more trends, innovative ideas or themes changing the Future of Work, check out our full report for sale here or join us for our Social Media Week discussion with leading experts and industry innovators on Feb 20th. More information here

For more exclusive PSFK Labs’ ideas, watch the summary presentation and see everything that you’ve missed so far here.  Feel free to join the conversation and share your ideas about the future of work with the #FoW hashtag on Twitter.

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