GE Sketches Real-Time Illustrations Of Followers’ Inventions On Twitter [Pics]

GE Sketches Real-Time Illustrations Of Followers’ Inventions On Twitter [Pics]

Celebrating Inventor's Day, the company asked fans to send in their own concepts, which were then brought to life.

Daniela Walker
  • 15 february 2013

February 11th was Thomas Edison’s 166th birthday. It is also National Inventor’s Day. To celebrate the occasion, General Electric, the multinational corporation, asked on Twitter what people’s inventions would be?

Over the course of sevens hours, the GE team replied to the ideas with their own interpretation illustrated on a blueprint. The real-time marketing campaign was meant to promote innovation, creativity and the art of invention. Using the hashtag #IWantToInvent, everyone including brands such as Ritz (who wants to see a mood-based topping spreader) could participate.

While the event may not seem to have very far of a reach, they engaged with over 250 people and created 70 illustrations over the course of the day, it is part of a long-term marketing strategy for the corporation. Explains Jon Lombardo, Head of GE’s Social Media Center of Excellence:

We’re big believers that ‘the experience is the brand’, so we’ll look forward to creating many more of these experiences over the course of 2013 and having people judge our brand based on the aggregate impact of those brand experiences.

The experience was a fun way to interact with consumers, giving them license to dream. It allowed any person see their wildest invention realized on paper, giving a glimmer of hope that it may one day come to life. Because there really should be a time machine app, and seriously, why hasn’t anyone invented edible cupcake liners yet?

Click through to see what people dreamed up below:


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