Technology Turns TV Viewer’s Finger Into Remote Control [Video]

Technology Turns TV Viewer’s Finger Into Remote Control [Video]

EyeSight unveils the world's first gesture recognition software.

Daniela Walker
  • 11 february 2013

We’ve all had moments where we can’t find the remote but we also can’t be bothered to get up to change the channel. Enter EyeSight Technologies, who has unveiled a new fingertip tracking technology that may provide some relief. Think touchscreen, without touching the screen — this is virtual touchscreen.

EyeSight, an Israel-based company that focuses on digital interaction, has introduced the software as:

The world’s first commercial gesture technology to allow users to control digital devices [remotely] with a fingertip.

The software has a broad range of uses with the company advertising its compatibility with TVs, phones, laptops, tablets and even in-car infotainment systems. The key to the technology is its simplicity. This is not the first time we have heard of touch-free tech, think of Microsoft Kinect which reads body movements, but to use that technology you need to invest in two special cameras. For eyeSight you only need a 2D webcam plugged into whatever device you are using, moreover, the screen doesn’t have to have in-built touchscreen technology to work. Gideon Shmuel, CEO of the company said in a press release:

Just as Apple made control via touchscreens feel completely natural a few years ago, we’re hoping to do the same thing with gesture.

As exciting as it sounds, affordable technology with such great capabilities, it is not that simple – the software must be embedded at the hardware or operating system level for it to work. This is not something you can buy in the app store. The company is currently offering software development kits for Windows, Android and Linux platforms and says it is working with hardware sellers to have the technology installed and introduced into the market by the end of the year.

Soon enough you will be able to abracadabra your way into changing the channel and fights for the remote will be getting a lot more complicated.


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