Immersing Consumers In Personalized Experiences With Google Maps [Video]

Immersing Consumers In Personalized Experiences With Google Maps [Video]

PSFK videochatted with Ogilvy South Africa, Bossa Digital and Innocean on their advertising campaigns that use Google Street View.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 24 february 2013

In collaboration with Google’s Creative Sandbox PSFK is hosting Google+ Hangouts with the creative minds behind the most innovative projects in marketing and advertising. Recently we spoke with Ogilvy South Africa, Bossa Digital and Innocean on their unique campaigns that use the Google Maps and Street View API to create online experiences that bring users into real world. Ogilvy’s Volkswagen Street Quest has people search the roads of South Africa and tag any Volkswagen cars they find for points. Bossa and Innocean’s Hyundai Driveway Decision Maker simulates a test drive with a virtual Elantra to the user’s house, or anywhere else on the globe, so they can see how it looks in their driveway (or in front of the Eiffel Tower). Watch the discussion below:

The conversation revolved around how easy it is to manipulate the Google Maps data and API for creative purposes, which has opened up brand new modes of advertising that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Considering many people already know how to use Google Maps, it presents a unique opportunity to localize a global brand, to make it resonate with a specific national audience while retaining worldwide appeal; both locals and foreigners love to explore the roads of South Africa or have a Hyundai drive to the location of their choice.

Indoor mapping seems to be the next big area for advertising innovation, as brands could tell people not only where to find a retailer in a mall, but could show the most active way to get there, or the fastest way, depending on the brand’s values. We wrapped up the discussion with some thoughts on continued work with layered maps, where content ‘layered’ over a map could either come from a brand or from crowdsourcing where people’s photos, tips, thoughts and videos could be tied to geographical locations for all to see.

PSFK has partnered with Google’s Creative Sandbox, a gallery of the best and most creative projects in advertising, to bring you ideas and inspiration for the new year. See more work from the Sandbox here and submit your own work.

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