Digital Anchors Present Any Blog Posts As TV News [Video]

Digital Anchors Present Any Blog Posts As TV News [Video]

Guide lets you select from various avatars, including kittens, puppy dogs, and androids.

Yi Chen
  • 11 february 2013

There are already apps that can read aloud friends’ social media status updates and blog posts. Now, a new app called Guide is also able to present online articles similar to daytime TV news. Users can personalize the channel by selecting what kind of stories they’re interested in, and also pick from various digital anchors.

The app is available for Apple and Android tablets and there are over 20 different avatars to chose from. You can have your news read by a British anchor, an android, or even a puppy or kitten. Guide can automatically pull articles from websites you would like, and it can also integrate links from Facebook and Twitter.


Guide will enter public beta next month and still has a few issues to sort out. For example, although the text-to-speech technology works well, the voice needs to be synced better to the avatars. Guide hopes to incorporate celebrity avatars in the future as an in-app purchase.

Freddie Laker, founder and CEO of Guide, commented that:

I believe we’ll be able to get this to a place like in Total Recall, where you have interactive exercise videos and news anchors. The quality will be so good that it will freak people out in a good way. It’s a bit of science fiction we’ve all dreamt about.

Watch a demonstration of Guide below as the digital avatar reads out a PSFK article.


Main image courtesy of The Verge

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