Sculpture Proposal Uses Hair Clippings From 120 NYC Salons [Pics]

Sculpture Proposal Uses Hair Clippings From 120 NYC Salons [Pics]

‘My Hair is at MoMA PS1’ from TempAgency was a finalist in this year's Young Architects Program.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 february 2013

‘My Hair is at MoMA PS1’ was a finalist in the 2013 Young Architects Program (the winner was recently featured on PSFK). The installation, as the name suggests, is made of human hair. 

Bustler notes that it was designed by TempAgency, a collaboration between two architecture firms; Kutonotuk and mcdowellespinosa. The installation proposed using hair collected from hair salons and barbershops around New York City, aiming to divert it as a material waste.

Project Proposal Uses Hair Clippings From 120 NYC Salons [Pics]

The process they proposed includes partnering with over 120 NYC salons and barbershops and collecting over 80ft of hair, which would then be inspected, sanitized, dyed, and bound to create ‘rollers’ that provide seating spaces and shade in the MoMa PS1 courtyards. TempAgency writes:

With a color-coded tagging system, each hair roller is further a representation of individual salon or barbershop from one of five NYC boroughs, and together act as map of hair taxonomy of the city. The tags guide visitors’ quest to find their own hair and salons/barbershops in the MoMA PS1 courtyards.

Click through to see images of the design proposal:


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