Hiking Boot Had Built-In Emergency Fire Starter Kit

Hiking Boot Had Built-In Emergency Fire Starter Kit

Versatile footwear that can handle any weather, environment, and emergency situation.

Yi Chen
  • 14 february 2013

The Rocky S2V Substratum hiking boots is especially designed for the outdoor-lover. It includes small storage compartment that is especially designed for fire-starting equipment. One of the boots holds an Ultimate Survival Technologies Sparkie flint firestarter, while the other one holds the two UST WetFire tinder cubes.

Technically, the pouch can also fit other small survival instruments.The boot itself is durable, sturdy and can handle harsh environments. The Substratum features Ripstop nylon and waterproof Nubuck leather, along with 500 para cord bootlaces, and gusseted tongue that keeps out rocks, dirt, and snow.

The Substratum boots are available in different colors, including Ox Blood and Dark Gun, and retails for $299.99. The boots also come with the Substratum Survival Gerade, a handy pocket survival kits that includes a small knife blade, needle, fishing equipment, and paracord.


Rocky S2V

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