Home-Brewing Kit Disguised As Regular Kitchen Appliances [Pics]

Home-Brewing Kit Disguised As Regular Kitchen Appliances [Pics]
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Discreet distilling that's can be repurposed when not in use.

Yi Chen
  • 12 february 2013

The Prohibition Kit is created by Vienna-based designer Francesco Morackini. The stylish set comprises of a cooking pot, fondue stove, watering can, and a fruit bowl. What most people won’t guess is that by piecing these four homeware items together, you will get a fully functional liquor-distilling kit.


Once assembled, the watering can becomes the flask and coolant drain, the fondue stove becomes the heat source, while the fruit bowl becomes the cooling coil, and the pot collects the distilled liquor.



Morackini explains the discretion behind his brewing kit:

Producing schnapps, liquor or alcohol is very restricted by the law in most countries. The separated elements are legal but put together the objects become illegal. I wanted to explore the limit of legislation.

The items of the set are primarily created using copper, which has always been the material used to make stills. The designer comments that, “With the evolution of time and technologies, new materials have been introduced such as stainless steel, but old Europe will by no means exchange their copper stills.”

See more photos of the the Prohibition Kit in the gallery below.

Francesco Morackini


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