Extraordinary photo exhibition show the cramped living spaces of the underprivileged in the slums of the major city.

Micro-apartments may be the newest trend in design for western cities, but in Hong Kong, they are not considered trendy or new, but for some, are the only way of living. In a city in dire need of space, an exhibition by the Society for Community Organization (SOCO) aims to display the micro-slums, bringing awareness to the inhumane living conditions that some of the population have to endure.

SOCO is non-profit organization that focuses on the underprivileged of Hong Kong, using grassroots projects to fight for social justice and equality. In an effort to show local governments the housing conditions of the poor, the organization curated a photo exhibition as part of ArtWalk (the annual charity event among galleries). The photos show the confined spaces occupied by over 100,000 people. SOCO's statement of purpose:

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