Prototype Hotel Room Has Touch-Sensitive Tablet Walls

Prototype Hotel Room Has Touch-Sensitive Tablet Walls

The "ITH Room Xperience," created by the Serrano Brothers, provides a look into the future of living.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 5 february 2013

We often see breathtaking architectural innovations in hotel structures that result in one of a kind buildings, but rarely do these structural masterpieces include innovations that are carried over into the actual function of the hotels and their many rooms. However, Spain’s Serrano Brothers seek to change this with their new concept for the hotel room of the future.


Calling their prototype the “ITH Room Xperience,” the Serrano Bros constructed this model hotel room, which employs futuristic technology, such as multi-touch transparent wall screens which can be controlled via smartphone, Microsoft Surface Tablets, interactive floors and mirrors, and a fingerprint payment system. All of these uniquely creative ideas make up what the architect brothers are claiming is the ultimate guest experience.

The design concept is currently on display at Fiturtech International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid, Spain.

View the video below to see highlights of the futuristic space:


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