Beatboxing Cartoons Lets Users Create Their Own Tracks

Beatboxing Cartoons Lets Users Create Their Own Tracks

Incredibox allows user to make a rapping choir by pinning logos that represent sounds onto animated hipsters.

Daniela Walker
  • 15 february 2013

As if you didn’t already have enough distractions throughout the work day, Incredibox is here to make you even more unproductive. If you have a deadline, look away, because this web app is incredibly addictive.

Incredibox is simple: it allows users to create their own cartoon a cappella beatbox group by ‘dressing’ them with sounds. The cartoon dudes can be dressed up as beats, melodies, chorus, effects or voice. The interface is simple, to create these looping beats one simply has to drag the designated sound onto the cartoon and his loops begins.



The flash-based web app was created by French design studio, So Far So Good, and was intended originally as a toy for children but it has thus far had 30 million people visit to play DJ for a few minutes. And if you really like the sound you create, for a nominal fee, you can download it and share with all your friends. Beatboxing may be an impressive skill, but Incredibox is an impressively fun waste of time.


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