Artisan Instant Coffee In A Cube

Artisan Instant Coffee In A Cube

Jiva Coffee Cubes are making coffee-on-the-go easier, and tastier.

Daniela Walker
  • 18 february 2013

A cup of coffee in the morning is almost as necessary an alarm clock. Without liquid joe, it is difficult to wake up. Trouble is, a lot of us don’t have the time to hand-grind artisanal coffee, yet instant Nescafe, though convenient, is never quite as good. Jiva Cubes are a new kind of instant coffee that have enough depth of flavor for aficionados as well as easy prep for those who just want that quick caffeine fix.


The company, founded by Natalia Rodriguez & Allen Gomberg, takes high-quality Colombia coffee beans, freeze dries them and mixes them with all-natural unrefined cane sugar, known in South America as panela. The panela acts as a bonding agent which removes any need for chemicals in the process. The coffee/panela mixture is then pressed into cubes, and individually hand-wrapped, making them easy to throw in a bag or a pocket. When stirred into hot water they dissolve just as a bouillon cube would. This is the taste of a gourmet cup of coffee with the ease of instant.


Rodriguez and Gomberg, who have used Kickstarter to raise funds before, are now asking for backers on the website to help them with their current obstacle: the ability to wrap the cubes. At the moment, the coffee cubes are wrapped by hand, with 40 boxes being completed in a day. With a standard packing machine, they will be able to box 300 in an hour. To increase their production line would enable them to put Jiva Cubes into stores. Says Rodriguez:

That would really help us to grow our sales to local retail buyers, and to international consumers. It would also allow us to produce more flavors.

They are looking to field test flavors such as Caramel, Strong, Decaf and hot chocolate cubes on their backers. To taste any one of these flavors, all that is needed is a cup of hot water, and one or two cubes of Jiva and presto! Instant, tasty coffee that you can give to even the snobbiest of coffee snobs.



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