App Tracks How Much Time Users Are Wasting On Computers

App Tracks How Much Time Users Are Wasting On Computers

‘Recess’ is a productivity app that provides customized notifications and monthly analytics reports.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 february 2013

Recess‘ is a productivity app developed during the ‘Hacking Energy Culture hackathon’ held by GOOD earlier this month. It was the winning solution for generating new ways to interface with energy consumption, waste, and preservation.

Developed by Nicholas DePaul, Katrinna Whiting, Kevin Zweerink, and Kacie Mills from Something Dangerous, the app is designed to help users waste less time on their computers. It tracks what they’re doing on the computer and offers customized notifications and monthly analytics reports showing how much it’s costing them to waste time on the computer.

App Tracks How Much Time Users Are Wasting On Computers

The environmentally-conscious app aims to help users manage their computer time efficiently and sustainably. Recess allows users to adjust the “sass meter” for their notifications, which range from basic, gentle reminders to sassy and cheeky ones. Users can also write their own notifications or let their friends and family write some for each other.

Recess tracks the amount of time a user’s computer is on and awake, and analysis reports detail the total time spent on the computer, averages (day, week, month), energy used, and energy cost (based on local energy prices). The app is currently in the early stages of development and the team plan to issue a beta version in the coming months. You can check out the video below:



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