Phhhoto takes pictures at parties and uploads them to a web feed where they can be viewed from any device using a tablet and a light ring.

Phhhoto is a new type of photobooth that enables party guests to create and share animated GIFs. The social system features a fluorescent ring light that produces great pictures, an iPad with facial recognition software, and a configurable web feed for displaying the “Phhhotos” in real-time.

This modern take on the photobooth gives users a countdown before capturing a few seconds of action and looping it to create a GIF that is instantly shareable and viewable from any device.

Phhhoto has been engineered and tested by creative agency HYPERHYPER. It would be a great system for guests to use at special occasions and parties. A configurable stream is created for each event and animated GIFs can be projected onto a wall or displayed on a television for everyone to enjoy. For companies, Phhhoto can be customized to match their brand, by adding a logo or special camera filter to the GIFs.

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