British artist, Jamie Lidell features eye-catching gadgetry in the video for his upcoming single.

British singer Jamie Lidell has come up with a fresh concept for his track, ‘You Naked.' by making a technologically advanced microphone the focal point.

In the video, Lidell strolls around a futuristic cube with reflective panels and virtual landscapes…all while managing his environment with the turn of his sensor-studded microphone. The device shifts from Star Wars-y lightsabre to video game joystick, as well as assuming a number of other functions.

The technology for the track, to be released on Warp records on February 18, was created by London-based Flat-e Collective. The studio also managed the overall project management. The inspiration for the design came from a variety of sources, ranging from disco lights, optical illusions and other such visual contrivances, and, of course, the volume and composition of the tune affects the nature of the projection.

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