Digital Marketplace Sells Successful Kickstarter Projects

Digital Marketplace Sells Successful Kickstarter Projects

Online store is an outlet for the products that have made it past the initial crowdfunding stage.

Daniela Walker
  • 22 february 2013

There are so many innovative and interesting ideas that come out of Kickstarter (instant coffee cubes anyone?). But one has to wonder, after investing in prototypes and promises, what happens once the funding period closes? Do these Kickstarter projects get their kickstart? The new site helps to answer this question: it is a new marketplace for every successfully funded project to come out of crowdsourcing sites Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

Kickstarter has come under scrutiny for failed projects, but shows that there are success stories too. If you saw the Ostrich Pillow on the site in 2012, but wasn’t sure you wanted to back it, you can now buy it at this digital market. is a catalog for all the weird and wonderful things that people have managed to get funded by strangers on the internet. What the people want, they shall have.



Says founder, Sam Fellig:

Our goal is to provide every facet of support that a crowdfunded designer would need. We offer everything from exposure through our own online marketplace, fulfillment services, white-labeled customer service, and retail opportunities through our domestic and international distribution networks

The site offers both products that are immediately available to ship and those that can be pre-ordered (these are fully funded but not yet out of the production stage). But the most important service that it provides is giving life to a product after it has left the funding stage. Instead of disappearing from the internet, it provides increased exposure and promotes independent ventures to carry on with production. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are great beginnings, but is about longevity and giving products a home.


+Earn media / increase exposure
+financial services

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