Mom Makes Water A Cool Alternative To Soda

Mom Makes Water A Cool Alternative To Soda

WAT-AAH!, created by mother Rose Cameron in conjunction with her children, is bottled water directly marketed for kids

Daniela Walker
  • 18 february 2013

Sometimes it really is all about the packaging. Rose Cameron could not figure out a way to get her kids off sugary soda and drinking more water, then she served them water in a ‘cute little container’ and everything changed. Cameron realized that kids needed water to be cool, and thus her brand WAT-AAH! was born. With her two sons as consultants, she created cool water for kids, giving Pepsi and Coke a surprising source of competition.

Cameron, who is a former advertising executive, turned to her children as an informal focus group to begin her brand. Both the name and the design came from the minds of her sons. WAT-AAH! was born out her kids screaming ‘water’ to help inspire her. The screaming also inspired the logo of a screaming boy, which came from her son’s drawing. Everything from the sleek shape, the neon color and the style of the bottle was chosen by her kids. WAT-AAH! is marketed at kids, and it works because it is designed by kids.


When Cameron began selling her brand in 2008, she was walking door-to-door in her TriBeCa neighborhood selling to delis. Now, her brand is available nationwide in grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Shaws, as well as being available in schools.

Getting into schools is a huge achievement for our brand and is a testament of the relevance of our product in today’s market. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to educate children about making healthy choices and the importance of water to their health.

For Cameron, the end-goal is not a profit but to keep kids healthy and stave off the childhood obesity epidemic. For her kids, it is about drinking a cool drink. Says her son, Jack:

Honestly, I think that my friends would rather drink a water that looks cooler than soda because it’s all about looking cool, honestly.


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