Lana Del Rey’s New Music Video Is Also A Jaguar Ad [Video]

Lana Del Rey’s New Music Video Is Also A Jaguar Ad [Video]

'Burning Desire' video blends advertising and creativity in this cross-promotional collaboration between singer and brand

Daniela Walker
  • 15 february 2013

Lana Del Rey has a new music video out to appease her fans eagerly waiting her sophomore effort. The trouble it isn’t really a music video per se, more like an extended commercial for the Jaguar F-type line.

Del Ray signed a six-figure contract with Jaguar last August to be the face of the new line of luxury cars. A month later, a commercial featuring her song Burning Desire was released. It is a typical car advertisement where the focus is solely on the vehicle, with the song is used in the background. This newly released video is over 3 minutes long and heavily features the singer. It has all the hallmarks of what we know to be a Lana Del Ray video: her singing sultrily, retro styling and a mash-up of vintage film reel. But it also has all the hallmarks of a classic car commercial: a red jag, speeding around a dangerous curve, shots of the speedometer and hands, in control, on the steering wheel.

So which is it? An ad or a video? It seems to be both, in a hybrid format that promotes both the car and the artist. While there is no mistake that it is sponsored by Jaguar (it was originally uploaded to their YouTube channel), it gives Del Ray’s fans a chance to see some new material. Whether they are appreciative of the fact that she has commercialized the song to such an extent, remains to be seen. There always seems to be a Lana Del Ray backlash going on somewhere in the world, and ‘Burning Desire’ may just add fuel to the fire.

See the music video and the original car ad below:

Jaguar // Lana Del Ray

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