A New Kind Of Self-Help: Life Advice From Machines

A New Kind Of Self-Help: Life Advice From Machines

Who knew banal instruction manuals for common devices and appliances offered such insight?

Kyana Gordon
  • 20 february 2013

Every now and then you may come across a Tumblr that either makes you seethe with jealousy for not being as clever and leaves you in awe of the simple yet brilliant observations you are encountering. Life Advice from Machines is one such Tumblr. In an age where devices, technology, and machines enhance and at times dominate our lives, it only makes sense to seek words of wisdom from these tools as well. The insights taken from their instruction manuals and safety warnings are not just applicable to the machine in use but also to regular people’s lives.


Unravel the hidden truths within your flat screen TV, Kenmore vacuum cleaner, or even your inkjet printer. One of our personal favorites comes from the DREMEL MultiPro Rotary Tool which advises: “Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.” Philosophy manifests itself in many ways from meditation to self-help teachings, but who knew grand life advice lay right under our noses within the machines that are a part of our everyday lives. Take a moment to browse the gallery below to see our favorite selections.

Life Advice From Machines

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