Multi-Media Art Hides Life-Size LEGO Props In Photographs

Multi-Media Art Hides Life-Size LEGO Props In Photographs
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Dean West and Nathan Sawaya’s photo series ‘In Pieces’ features specially-sculpted objects made of the popular blocks placed within the scenes.

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 february 2013

In Pieces‘ is a multi-media collaboration between sculptor Nathan Sawaya and photographer Dean West. The photo series features specially-sculpted LEGO objects placed within the scenes, which can only be spotted when you look closely at the images. The compositions are based on ideas about nature, culture, society, and identity:

Identity as a cultural creation has been heavily commercialized and manipulated, and we prominently portray this through a highly stylized representation of contemporary life. The integration of Sawaya’s unique sculpture is key to the series’ narrative and aesthetic.

Multi-Media Collaboration Hides Life-Size LEGO Props In Photographs

The photo series has been color graded with pastels including warm yellows and pale blues. The imagery appears entirely photographic at first glance, however, if the viewer examines them further, they will see that certain props have been fabricated.

This represents the direct processes involved with digital photography today, with references to pixilation and technology, which are apparent through stylized manipulation and digital enhancements. Click through to see some of the photographs from the ‘In Pieces’ series:

In Pieces

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