Dresses Made Out Of Light [Pics]

Dresses Made Out Of Light [Pics]
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Photographer Alton Conrad places models in dark rooms and uses light brushes to capture these unique designs with long exposure.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 february 2013

British art photographer Atton Conrad has created a series of dazzling dresses that could never be shown on a runway as they are made of light. They were captured by placing models in a blackout studio and using light brushes to design the patterns of waves and strokes before remote-triggering the long exposure camera to photograph the models.

Atton Conrad's Dresses Made Of Light [Pics]

These modern techniques are used to capture images with a unique quality separate from those created using only traditional means. Conrad says of his work:

It started with light trails, but grew far beyond that, as I developed my methodology and custom designed ‘light brushes’ I realised that the techniques could give me incredibly fine control over light and texture, to an unique almost hyperreal result. I have always been known for my classic lighting, and still take great pleasure in it, but this took it a completely fresh direction.

Click through to see some of Atton Conrad’s light dresses:

Atton Conrad

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