Australian outpost is testing out fine dining in a five-week trial.

McDonald’s, or Macca’s as it is affectionately called, is big in Australia. And lately, the international fast food restaurant has garnered much attention for its innovative promotions in the outback. The most recent is isolated to one restaurant, located in Warilla (a suburb of Sydney), where the restaurant has begun to serve evening meals on plates, with cutlery and table service to boot. It’s fast fine dining.

This is particularly notable because the promotion was not started by the marketing department in the home office but by the franchise owners, Glenn and Katia Dwarte. The idea spurned out of Mr. Dwarte’s parents and mother-in-law’s weekly visits to the restaurant. He would serve his family on crockery and then find other customers asking where they could get the same. When McDonald’s Australian Chief Executive Catriona Noble came to check on the franchise, the Dwartes pitched the idea to her, serving her a meal as if she were at a regular dine-in restaurant. It was then that Noble took the idea to the global HQ in Chicago, who have now approved a five week trial of the fine dining service.

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