Dairy campaign, which stars the affable super hero, keeps its commercial short but surprisingly sweet.

When I took the challenge of reviewing the latest ‘Got Milk?’ television commercial, I knew it was going to be difficult given the long, quality history of this campaign. However, the Super Bowl is the show of all shows and the evaluation criteria must be very strict. With media costs running over $4 million and likely the same level of production costs, the ‘Got Milk?’ team really needed to make their first appearance in the Super Bowl score big points. And, they did.

For starters, the ‘Got Milk?’ legacy is no stranger to celebrity but when Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock) is starring in your Super Bowl spot; you have to give immediate kudos to the casting. He has amazing cross over appeal. Dwayne’s range carries from the WWE to kids movies, making him a tough guy to some but also endearing to others (in this spot, The Rock is featured running through city streets to find milk while still in his pajamas). Now consider that Nielsen Media reports that the already narrow gap between male and female viewers of the Super Bowl continues to shrink year after year, add in the massive viewership, and it is hard to find a spokesman with this kind of attraction. A very smart choice when you are looking for a return on celebrity investment.

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