iPhone App Charts Daily Moods

iPhone App Charts Daily Moods

Track feelings in a visually appealing and colorful manner.

Betsy Mead
  • 21 february 2013

Feelings are subjective entities, difficult to represent in material form. Correct? That may, generally, hold true, but a new app can enable those who have iPhones to represent these abstract nouns using color, shape and even number rankings.

Expereal, created in 2011 by developer Jonathan Cohen, allows users to put a digit to their mood in a particular time frame. They will amass a collection of data and images that can map out these emotions on the iPhone and assess the general pattern over a period of time. Users can choose to compare their results with those of others anonymously and a Facebook log-in is required to make use of the app.


The free software allows customers to add photos and tag people to particular moments as well as customize settings, to accommodate for those who wish to check frequently — more than once a day — or rarely — once a month, or less. Future developments include a ‘global’ index, where it will be possible to see how the US ranks against other countries in terms of happiness, and versions for other platforms such as Android, as well as social networks like Twitter.

Cohen explains his concept in the video, but he says that he was inspired by Daniel Kahneman’s ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow,’ particularly the section that pertained to memory. He noted,

I was struck by Kahneman’s discussion of how our memory, or “remembering self”, is less accurate than we realize


His overall goal is to increase happiness and understanding of one’s feelings so that they can learn how to improve how they live their lives. Perhaps expressing oneself with the aid of technology seems like an innovative idea, so it will be interesting to track how this experimental method will pan out.

Check it out here.


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