National Geographic Photographer Captures Aerial Shots From Motorized Lawn Chair

National Geographic Photographer Captures Aerial Shots From Motorized Lawn Chair

George Steinmetz captures amazing photographs from the lightest powered aircraft in the world.

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 february 2013

Photographer George Steinmetz captures beautiful aerial shots from some amazing vantage points. They were taken from the seat of a motorized paraglider (that resembles an outdoor garden chair) which he uses to fly over and around his subjects.

This light aircraft features the “wing” of a paraglider, a backpack-mounted motor, and a single-seat harness. It is launched skyward by Steinmetz laying the paraglider out on the ground behind him like a kite and running forward with the motor idling. When he gives it full throttle, he is lifted off the ground.

National Geographic Photographer Captures Shots From Motorized Paraglider

Steinmetz notes that he has had a few mishaps, such as landing in the ocean while photographing whales and getting dragged across a dry lake in a sand storm, but explains:

I do this kind of flying because it gives me the opportunity to photograph remote areas in a way that they have never been seen before, and in a way impossible with any other kind of aircraft. I’m a photographer who flies, not a pilot who takes pictures, and I always have to balance my desire for getting a unique image against the realities and unknowns of each situation.

George Steinmetz

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