Nivea Deodorant Stages Stressful Situations In German Airport

Nivea Deodorant Stages Stressful Situations In German Airport

Personal care brand uses candid cameras to capture scenarios framing passangers as wanted persons.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 20 february 2013

In an attempt to promote its new deodorant called Stress Protect, Nivea recently launched a witty new campaign that highlights clips from various candid cameras it placed in a makeshift lounge in Hamburg Airport.


People waiting in the airport lounge, all of whom were set up by their friends, are informed by an actor reading a pre-made newspaper, that they are in the wanted by the authorities. The same story is then broadcast on the lounges televisions as breaking news, and also announced on the Airport’s PA system.

As the victims stress levels rise, and one young woman is almost driven to tears, two security agents approach with a suitcase and ask if they are stressed. Upon their response, the briefcase is opened to reveal Nivea’s new Stress Protect deodorant.

See the highlights from the hilarious campaign below:



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