Get Behind The NY Times Paywall By Reading Articles At Starbucks

Get Behind The NY Times Paywall By Reading Articles At Starbucks

Customers are being offered free digital access to 15 articles per day through the cafe chain's Digital Network.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 february 2013

The New York Times has announced that people viewing their site through the Starbucks Digital Network will be able to get free access to 15 articles per day. Currently, the NY Times allows up to ten articles per month to be viewed and additional access requires a digital subscription.

This cross-platform approach benefits both companies as it creates an incentive for people to visit Starbucks over a local coffee shop and it widens the reach of the New York Times.

Get Beyond NY Times Paywall By Reading Articles At Starbucks

Starbucks customers will be able to view three articles a day from five different sections. These include top news, business, technology, most emailed, and a special rotating section featuring the corresponding section of the daily print paper.

These are Sports (Monday), Science (Tuesday), Dining (Wednesday), Styles (Thursday), Weekend (Friday), The Magazine (Saturday), and Sunday Review (Sunday). Yasmin Namini, senior vice president of marketing and circulation at The New York Times, said:

Starbucks is the ideal setting for The Times to offer enhanced digital access. Customers on SDN will discover a diverse selection of Times content updated in real-time, from the day’s top stories to more in-depth features and opinion.

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