Old Spice Premieres Their Super Bowl Ad Only In Alaska [Video]


Deodorant commercial featuring wolves aired in Juneau before going nationwide

Daniela Walker
  • 5 february 2013

Old Spice has reinvigorated its marketing campaign in the past couple of years with quirky advertisements appealing to a younger crowd. For this year’s Superbowl ad, the male grooming product brand chose to appeal to a particular audience: the men watching the Ravens beat the 49ers in the Alaskan capital, Juneau.

The advertisement, which aired solely on the local CBS affiliate station, features two growling wolves clutching onto the shoulders of a dapper tuxedoed man. Alaska holds the nation’s largest wolf population, so the state was the perfect place for Old Spice to launch their new line, The Wild Collection, which has the tagline: “Answer the smell of the wild.”

The collection consists of three scents that are meant to evoke wildlife: Wolfthorn, Hawkridge and Foxcrest. Jason Bagley, creative director at Wieden & Kennedy (the Portland, Ore. agency in charge of the campaign) told the New York Times:

The idea is that these primal scents bring out the wild, masculine side of men.


In the Wolfthorn ad, a woman cannot figure out why she is so attracted to this man suited in wolves, she just is. The Hawkridge ad, which aired to the rest of the country during the game, shows one man so intimidated by the deodorant-wearer’s wild scent, that he folds his royal flush poker hand.

Jason Partin, Old Spice brand manager for North America,  said the scents are for men  “who want to be viewed as manly, seductive and maybe a little intimidating,”

While Juneau got the first television preview, millions of men searching for that wild scent will now see the ads, which began airing on national television yesterday.

See Wolfthorn and Hawkridge below:

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